Featured Poem 

When Autumn Comes

by Frank Elkins 

When Autumn comes... 

my spirit brightens with the season – 

beholding nature’s blazing spectacle of color

experiencing a cornucopia of awesome wonder!


When Autumn comes...

worries simply drop from my mind –

like leaves falling from the trees,

anticipating their dance with the harvest wind.


When Autumn comes...

summer’s harshness is gently subdued –

long soft shadows linger on sleepy afternoon

streets, the moon rising early into the darkness.


When Autumn comes... 

my soul is reawakened

                                                   all senses being fully restored

                                                   by the crisp bite of a chilly fall evening. 


                    When Autumn comes...

                         goblins enter into the night –

                         jack-o-lanterns glowing in the window, 

                        destined to become Thanksgiving pie.


                   When Autumn comes... 

                        The Holidays are not far behind –

                        blessed reunion of family and friends,

                        life’s traditions securing the circle of love.


                        Year after year and season after season,

                        the magic and the mystery come and go –

                        yet still my heart and soul do stir and rejoice...


    ... when Autumn comes.