Featured Screenplay

"The first truly authentic American martial arts movie!"


by Frank Elkins & Steave McKean 



"If the teacher is not respected,
    and the student not cared for

Chaos will arise –
   no matter how clever one is.
                        This is the crux of mystery...

                                          Lao Tzu, 6th Century B.C. 



East meets West in a head-on collision of violence, corruption and betrayal in this very American martial arts drama. As the Master's empire crumbles he struggles to maintain control against those who would steal his world. However, his is a world built on lies and deception. As loyalty and technique are tested each must decide whether 2,500 years of tradition represents a discipline of violence, enlightenment, or just a vehicle for exploitation. Enter the world of martial arts "American style", but be warned: It ain't for the squeamish!


WARNING: Graphic Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Content, and Drug Use. RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!


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