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Short Film: "Mental Health" (15 min.) – Visual Poetry: "Into The Night" (1 min) 

2005 Festival Favorite!

  • PREMIER: REELHeart International Film Festival – Toronto 
  • SEMI-FINALIST: Hayden Online Film Festival 
  • “Mental Health”

Sanity runs awry when four reality-challenged eccentrics become involved with Dr. Will Power and his pop-psychology radio program, “Mental Health”. Ted is a “wanna-be” serial bomber suffering from delusions of grandeur and low self-esteem. Ryan hungers for a taste of tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni on a golden baked crust, but is tortured by the sound of voices whenever the scent of pizza wafts in his direction. Don sits alone and isolated, surrounded by the clutter of a house he hasn’t left in three years. And Sarah, who thinks every bump in the road is proof of another casualty, is driving herself crazy – literally! Are they insane, or is it “just all in their heads”? Dr. Power prescribes a powerful dose of sardonic humor in this delightful dark comedy about  quick fixes to complex problems.


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frank elkins and steve mckean present “mental health”
directed by frank elkins
featuring: autumn browne (sarha) Terry Schwinge (don)
ryan shakman (ryan) alex elkins (waiter)
carrie, cassandra, and Jessica chammas (restaraunt family)

voice talant: robert stockton (dr. power) steve mckean (ted)

thelma six (old woman) frank elkins (radio announcer/callers)
screenplay by frank elkins and steve mckean
from the short story “nutwood” by frank elkins

frank elkins executive producer

total running time: 15 minutes     ©2005

"Into The Night..."

A dramatic reading  with plenty of spooky images that really bring my Halloween classic to life! Lots of fun – Great for iPods!




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